Enokon Group amazed the Dallas Medical Exhibition

March 29, 2024

          Enokon Group amazed the Dallas Medical Exhibition, and cooperative agents from Walmart, Walgreens, Target and other giants rushed to watch!


Henan Enokon Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.

          With the continuous development of medical technology, the medical equipment  industry has also ushered in unprecedented prosperity. Recently, the much-anticipated Dallas Medical Equipment Exhibition in the United States opened grandly, and medical equipment companies from all over the world gathered together to participate in the grand event. In this grand event, Enokon Group, with its excellent product quality and innovative technological strength, successfully attracted the attention of major supermarket chains and became a highlight of the exhibition.


Since its establishment, Enokon Group has been committed to providing high-quality, efficient and safe medical device products to global users. The company has a professional R&D team that constantly introduces new products and strives to achieve more breakthroughs and innovations in the field of medical devices. At this Dallas exhibition, Enokon brought a variety of newly developed medical device products, such as our latest launches: "lidocaine patches, hot and cold gel pain relief patches, Tiger pain relief patches, etc., which have attracted widespread attention .
At the exhibition site, the booth of Enokon Group was crowded and lively. Purchasing managers from cooperative agents of world-renowned supermarket chains such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, and CVS stopped to watch and showed strong interest in Enokon's products. They all said that Enokon's medical device products not only have excellent quality, but also have novel designs and complete functions, which are very in line with the needs of the American medical market.
Henan Enokon Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Enokon Group has been innovating since its establishment in 2010. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Mingquan, the company has developed by leaps and bounds. In just 13 years, the company has 3 self-owned factories, and its products cover many fields, including health food, disinfection Products, medical patches, pain relief & anti-itch creams, various health care patches, etc. Our products have received continuous praise in the markets where they have been launched, benefiting the vast number of pain patients, especially our analgesic patches, which are mainly "specialized for old patients"! It is deeply loved by the majority of medical staff and patients. We dare to promise: "Once a patient uses it, he will repurchase it for life!"
Henan Enokon Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
The successful holding of the Dallas Medical Equipment Exhibition not only provided Enokon Group with a platform to showcase its strength, but also laid a solid foundation for the company to further expand the global market. In the future, Enokon will continue to adhere to the concepts of "altruism, innovation, quality, and service" to provide patients around the world with higher-quality and more efficient medical device products and contribute to human health.
In this era full of opportunities and challenges, Enokon Group will join hands with global partners to jointly create a bright future for the medical equipment  industry and contribute to human health!



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